Sunday, August 31, 2008


As I sit thoroughly engrossed watching the much-awaited movie ‘Rock On’, I found myself reminicising on my passion for rock & swaying in a stirring communion of four friends. It certainly can be classified as a must- ‘watch once’ flick and undoubtedly deserves a citation in my blog. So, here I am writing about the same.

Rock-On has a nice commonplace storyline but a fairly distinctive treatment. The movie flashes back & forth as the story of four friends drifts the viewer in pangs of emotions amidst the electrifying music and the kickass leads.
The movie indeed rocks owing to fine performances by Joe aka Arjun Rampal, Aadi aka Farhan Akhtar aka THE DUDE (as I would like to address himJ), KD aka Poorab and Rob aka Luke Kenny. Prachi Desai too, has done a fairly good job portraying Adi’s chick & elegant better half.
The storyline revolves around four friends in prime of their youths and members of a promising rock band-MAGIK who are never able to make it. The band which epitomizes their passion for music disintegrates owing to some differences as so does their friendships. An emotional saga begins when 10 years later, Adi’s wife Sakshi(Prachi Desai) tries to reunites the four friends and fate brings them back to the cross roads where they had left years before.
The movie manages to maintain a fervent tempo throughout with its fine music and colloquial lyrics. The just so apt costumes truly personify the wild passion rooted in the four dudes. Overall, a nice experience that manages to keep the viewer glued.
A story is generally well received if you can find atleast a little bit of yourself in it and in this perspective; ‘Rock On’ scores 10 on 10. Giving a glimpse of youth and its fervent passion, the movie manages to create nostalgia as the four friends reunite.
Personally for me, the movie reminds me of the passion that I had for rock music during my college days. I was introduced to this genre of music by my brother Manish when I was in umm…10th standard…Then…..I hated it….However, coincidentally, I have always found myself in the company of people who love Rock…& so ..I was forced to listen to it initially... But just seeps in & then you have to love it. Trust me….the music can be maddening at times but it takes to you to a different self & you feel oh-so carefree & aloof.
Coming back to the movie, Farhan Akhtar has proved his mettle as an actor & singer in his debut & I’m just bowled over by the hot & husky voice of this talented guy. The movie is shot well and the scenes in grayscale towards the end along with the subtitles manage to captivate the viewer right to the end.
That brings me to the end of my rocking oops Rock-On saga & I wish the ‘Magik’ stays :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Creative soul recently got down to work & here is the picture of a fabric painting that i made-beautiful flowers painted on a lemon kurta.
The technique used for giving shades is quite simple.
The watercolor look in the blue flowers is achieved by mixing a little turquoise fabric paint with dollops of medium & spreading it on the cloth with random strokes.
For the bright & beaming yellow flowers, half of the petal is painted yellow & other half is painted white. This is followed by mixing of two colors starting from the white end going towards the mustard.
Phew! easy...right.... & ready to charm.. :)