Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A flash of epiphany………

Another dry spell and here I’m, back again. I have again been ignoring my blog for some time. That’s because there are literally many things that are keeping me busy…I’ve also been doing a lot of thinking lately, a little paranoid at times and few epiphanies have dawned upon me. You might have an apprehension that this post is going to get too philosophical but relax, we’ll be reflecting on the mundane only. By the way, talking about philosophy, here’s an FYI….
We already have an answer to the ‘Ultimate Question’ of life, universe & everything. The answer is “42”. Unfortunately, The Ultimate Question itself is unknown ;)
Coming back to the point, 2008 has been a chaotic year. A wave of turbulence has steered the course of my life from being ecstatic to heavily tumultuous over the past one year. Life changed too fast. I embraced it. There, I had barely started feeling like a woman, enjoying the sudden shower of responsibilities and looking forward to a bright future. Suddenly, all the ‘single’ things were getting lost in oblivion. I had matured from the ‘Do you mind if I have your no.’ type conversations (and the numerous speculations which came with them),the spicy gossips to a laidback, a little aloof and a little more content life. And suddenly, life took a blizzard turn leaving me almost shattered. Looking back over the last one year in retrospection, there are few things primarily that I would like to mention.
  • Life is not fair(and I’m getting used to it)
  • What you see is what you get. We should accept people in our life as they are.
  • We all are used to living in our shells. We have our comfort zones comprising of family, friends, GFs, BFs etc. Relationships gradually become so crucial in our life that we start living for them. However, amidst everything, there’s one thing that we should never forget, to love ourselves, to live for ourselves.
Warning: Be careful to keep the ‘self’ away from the devil named ego.

  • We all aspire big things in life. Dreams like a promotion, a big car, a house by the age of 30, a perfect relationship seem to become the very purpose of our existence. However, these big things can and usually do go wrong. It’s very important then to find joys in small little things in life. Your job and your loved ones undoubtedly remain your prime focus but it’s equally important to find out and do things that you love. Look for things that make you passionate and fill your heart with a child like contentment. For once, do things without being concerned about their outcomes. It could be reading a nice book, tuning in to your favorite rhythm, to probably getting a spa at your favorite parlor. But Do, Love and pamper yourself :)
I have been doing a lot of ‘pampering myself’ lately and plan to continue with it. 2009 has few exciting things in basket. I generally don’t keep resolutions, but there are certain things that I’ve always wanted to do. This is the time to embark. I gradually plan to take things, one by one.
  • Dancing tops the list.  I had always wanted to learn it formally and I’m totally on it. My jazz classes are going in full swing & I’m loooooving it.
  • Sketching is next. I hope to start soon
  • There’s one new thing that I’ve included in my wish list-Travel. The plan is to visit a new place every year. Let’s hope, this year, I do it soon.
One more thing which is getting the most of me lately is a television series ‘How I met your mother’- a light, humorous and totally engrossing take on relationships. For anyone & everyone reading this, do watch it. You’ll find it LEGEN-wait for it-DARY;)
I have my fingers crossed and I’m really looking forward to 2009. I hope not many things go wrong this year. Anyhow, I’m quite optimistic that even if they do, I’ll have strength to handle….ahhhh…still…how I wish God would be a little more kind:)