Wednesday, October 5, 2011

To all that's Apple...

As a teenager, I had a strong fancy for Ipods and my heart always skipped a beat at the sight of one. Owning my first was synonymous to a style statement for me. As I look back today, Ipod has been my first acquaintance with the legendary Apple and the beginning of an era of love.

My Ipod love seems long long back as I pen this down on my MACBook but what has always always grown is my love with everything that’s Apple.

I loved the Ipod for bringing a difference in the way people listened to their music and loved it more when the nano came in all bright and sassy colors. I loved the glowing backlit Apple sign and the sleek design of MacBook. I was floored when Apple launched its first tablet, the Ipad, for not only its design but at the marvel of sheer simplicity Apple brings into its products. But more than anything, I have loved Apple computers and devices for a simple and strong reason-They work, always!!

Over the past two years, I have had the satisfaction of working on a machine which relentlessly works and does what I want it to do. Apple has been criticized for being too close, overpriced, changing and deprecating it’s own technology but there’s one thing Apple always delivered- A machine that never fails !!

Thank you Mr Jobs for giving me the pleasure of computing. Thank you for all  the  satisfaction and Thank You for everything that is suave and simple.  As an engineer and a heartfelt connoisseur of the aesthetics you brought into Apple, I salute you. 

R.I.P Mr Jobs. You will be missed !!