Friday, November 13, 2009

And my heart speaks….

Right from the conception of this post, my mind or rather heart is teeming with thoughts. So, let’s see what comes out. A prelude from the classic ‘Notting Hills’ to what follows…

A leading American actress Anna Scott accidentally meets an attractive, but unassuming British travel book seller William Thacker .Against all odds, they fall in love. Fame however gets in the way and they’re drawn apart. My heart breaks. I don’t just love these candyfloss romances, I believe in them. It’s always dismal to see people in love get apart. Anyhow, William, just as is expected from a *man* wins his love by a candid outright proposal in a huge Press conference. Here’s an excerpt from movie….

P.R. Chief: Next question? Yes. You in the pink shirt. (pointing to William)
William: Uh, right. Miss Scott, are there any circumstances that you and he might be more than just friends.
Anna Scott: I hoped that there would be but I've been assured that there's not.
William: Yes, but what if...
P.R. Chief: I'm sorry. Just the one question.
Anna Scott: No. It's alright. You were saying?
William: I was just wondering what if this person...
Journalist: Thacker. His name is Thacker.
William: Right. Thanks. What if, uh, Mr. Thacker realized that he had been a daft prick and got down on his knees and begged you to reconsider if you would... indeed... reconsider.
Anna Scott: [pause] Yes. I believe I would.
William: That's wonderful news. The readers of Horse and Hound will be relieved.

As timid as I am towards public displays of affection, I as much long public admission of love. Nothing’s more ideal than being with a guy who could candidly open his heart out in a congregation, right in front of everyone. I remember when I was young; I used to loooove the tales of Cinderella, Snowwhite, and sleeping beauty. All these tales have a female protagonist, all passive characters, who are rescued by their prince charming. To think of it now, it’s a little weird. I don’t happen to remember any fairy tale apart from Hansel and Gretel where the female character is strong and independent. Yet, I have always adored these fairy tales!!
I am an educated independent girl, well capable of handling things on my own. Ever since I was little, I’ve been high on my self esteem and generally prefer to take care of myself..all by myself. I don’t feel the need of some Prince Charming to speak for me or rescue me. When it comes to emancipating women, I surely want to be in the vanguard. As an individual, I might be least rigid but when it comes to my ideals, ethics & respect, no compromises ever.
Nevertheless, when it comes to love, I’m particularly fine with men taking the lead. I’m as much a woman, who loves to be loved. I particularly, am a hopeless romantic. My heart melts when Raj gets hold of Simran’s hand and helps her get on the train in my all time favorite DDLJ.
This ironically, is nature’s oxymoron. Men might be from mars and women from venus; still they as much need each other. In the war between sexes, there can never be absolute winners, only a collusion between the enemies ;)
Hence, I tend to believe in these fairy tales and candyfloss romances, hoping against hope that a happily ever after do exists. It’s indeed possible if you base your relationship on mutual respect and realise that there’s no victory or defeat in love. And there should be no ego at all. Our male counterparts have got fragile egos and as women, we’ve got the heart and the will to protect it. So, rather than trying to seek equality with men, we should seek the power within us, the power of giving , nurturing and preserving. So, go on guys, I concur. Conquer the world, only to lay it down at our feet. :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Life…by contrast

It’s quite late at night, the air smells of onsetting winters and there’s an alluring chill in the air . I’m relinquishing the slow relaxing drive at this hour after having some gala time in TC. The silence is giving a delusion of stillness and I’m deeply immersed in my thoughts thinking how time flies, how fluid life is, out with the old, in with the new. My friend next to me has quietly dozed off and is in his own reverie as we reach the gate of our housing complex.

RWA of our area has kept a watchman at the gate for security reasons. He’s supposed to pen down the number of every vehicle which enters the complex after 10 o clock and then let it in. The watchman, wearing a light sweater to beat the slight wintery chill, too has reclined on his chair when the glare of my car’s headlights seize his attention. He stands up to note my car’s number, and then opens the gate to let me in. A street dog in his deep slumber , lying on the road, does not even bothers to look up.

I reach my home & my friend leaves for his. I climb on my bed, curl up in my quilt and doze off to sweet dreams. The watchman too would have reclined back on his chair only to be woken up by another glare or horn….