Saturday, July 5, 2008

Here...I embark..... :)

It’s Saturday, 8:00 P.M. and another sober day of prolonged inactivity is about to end. The day as such holds nothing special that I would like to write about. I’m down with fever & on the bed, whole of this day . However, finally, I’m writing my first blog entry after a prolonged deliberation. There’s too much noise inside me lately & I’m glad to give it a way out.

First things first….Here’s a little bit about myself..
There’s a quote that I heard long back which definitely left a grave impression on me….
“Be yourself..there are enough other people”. That’s how I am precisely…. “myself”.
I live in the spur of the every split-second as it flashes my way. However, there’s always an effort to bring in a carefulness in all my acts which comes from my set of rules..rules that I have laid for myself..rules that govern my life…bring in the so-called “discipline”, keeps my feet on the ground(always :)) and head high(no room for conscious guilts), rules that have themselves been formulated, somewhere inside me.. over all these years as a consequence of constant guidance from my family, teachers, books and friends (I’m really blessed to have some truly wonderful people in my life)…rules that I always build on learning constantly from the mistakes that I make.

Perfection as they say is god’s business…I just want to give my best. I am a software tester by profession & my work does make me proud, not because it’s something great or unusual to do, but because I put in my considerate efforts to it. There are no qualms in putting any amount of hard work, because nothing contents more than a sense of achievement.

People which matter the most to me include my parents, sisters and my friends ….in the order of occurrence:) & I hope to be there for them..always……

Well..the little bit is getting some longer here… ;) & my restless soul is finally getting some rest. The day seems not so sober now after this slight literary activity. So..that’s all for now…
Happy blogging………… :)

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Sandeep M said...

Nicely compiled. I'm glad that I'm the first one to write the comment.

Happy blogging. Keep me posted about new stuffs you write.

Btw are you still down with fever? Take some rest buddy.