Sunday, November 2, 2008

I'm flattered :-)

It has been a long silent pause and I'm actually scared as hell to break it. So, while I gather the balls to hit 'Publish' for my next post...sometime can enjoy this nice piece of poetry that my friend Shelley wrote for me.....

It all begun long time back,
When growing with innocence, in us craftiness lack,
The day was special and so was my mood,
Obviously I was thrilled for first day of school.

Settled with the days formality chore,
Was silent observing life’ this new shore.
Among the crowd I found a warm heart,
Who came to me and become my pal,
A petite framed, shy and humble gal..

With passing time together we grew in life,
Together we took all good and bad strides.
May our friendship may not have been the best,
But for sure it was different from rest.
We met, we fought and separated with pain,
But destiny dont know y brought us together again.

May be God wanted us to hold together in life’ pace,
Today in my world she has a special place,
More than a friend today she means to me,
Facing life so strongly she is an inspiration for me,
A cheerful smile and strength to endure,
She is a tough girl for sure.

May god bless you Yachna dear,
Blessing our friendship year by year

Hey Shelley, thank you so much for this sweet & humble gesture. You rock :-)

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Hanged_Installer said...

God Bless Both of u .. U both actually Rock..!!!