Friday, October 23, 2009


Dear Mr. Sibbal has always been apprehensive about distressing students. The recent proposal by our HRD minister to introduce 85% cut off for IITs seems to disparage his own preachings.

Mr. Sibbal surely is more concerned about the whooping money that the coaching centers reap out of the whole education business. However, what we need to understand here is, students who are preparing for examinations like IIT JEE resort to coaching centers only because our education system itself lacks the ground infrastructure to reap in the basic concepts. The course content has not been revised/reshaped for years. Practicals are mostly namesake. Not even students, even the schools don’t take the boards seriously; assuming that students have their respective coachings for their guidance. What needs a reform here is the education system and not JEE examination system.

And well, every one seemingly wishes to blow their own trumpet. This proposal definitely doesn’t runs down so well with Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar who is more concerned about the incompetent class of students who manage to secure an admission in IIT, simply because they are blessed to born with some quota.


Saumil Rampal said...

Nice one. This whole JEE thing is a sham. Maybe Mr. Sibal just wanted to give a hypothetical example of making boards relevant again or something. But this does not change the fact that how failing a single test can wipe away years of hardwork in school. A system similar to what is followed for international MBA admissions needs to be adopted. Standardized tests cannot gauge someones performance alone. The next Einstein might never get into college just because he had fever on the day of the test.

Vishal - The Vince said...

Well said Yachna and Saumil

Beating the trumpet that we will are up to International Standards or we are an international univ doesn't change the ground reality.

Our education system be in 1st class or 1yr of graduation / PG, needs to inculcate practical aspects. Moreover to right to choose a particular stream of your choice should be give right after 10th class and not keep on dragging for 5 or 6 yrs to do a super specialization.

The PG courses are more of farce that fact. Then a need for super-super specialization in a foreign university.

Where do we stop? How do we change the system for the "Greater Good" (in politically correct language)? What can we still carry forward from the old system? All these questions need to be answered. And the time is running ...

Pesto Sauce said...

Common sense is so uncommon

Instead of improving education system or fostering infrastructure, our Minister wants to make money by holding coaching industry to ransom